Stainless Steel Insulated Can Coolers
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Wholesale Stainless Steel Can Coolers


Our can coolers can fit standard beer cans and slim glass bottle/cans in US and Euro markets. As the supplier of can coolers, Shanghai Wangji offers different styles of can coolers in different capacities for selection. If you have a cooler, you can keep your beverages cold when you in an office or at home, be on a trip, or go camping. MOQ is 3000 pieces, come and get it!

Easy To Clean
The wide mouth makes our can coolers easy to clean. The silicone band is removable, food level. All the products are dish washer safe.
Easy To Use
Simple and practical, directly into the drink, without the assembly steps. Suitable cup shape, fit the drink, keep the temperature of the drink to achieve the best temperature and taste.
All used stainless steel and silicon parts are recyclable, no extra plastic parts.

Wangji’s Stainless Steel Can Coolers

Why Choose Shanghai Wangji


Efficient Production Workshops

Since 2002, We advocate automation and have invested a lot in this field, and have been leading the industry. By introducing robot system to replace labor work, the efficiency has been greatly improved and the labor cost has been sharply saved.Robots can be programmed to operate 24/7 with a high degree of accuracy. That’s why we can provide the best price and quality products for our clients all the time.


Strong OEM &ODM Ability

We have professional in house designers and experienced engineers working for OEM and ODM projects. Our engineer team can realize your hand drawing or even a design idea into real 3D drawing and then provide you the 3D printed prototype sample for check within 5 working days. Our skilled Research & Development team keeps expanding our product range to satisfy your every need and the changing market trends.  Shanghai Wangji Industry Co., Ltd aims to help brand owners, dealers, and wholesalers significantly to increase your profits and make your business easier!


Quality Control

Quality control is the most important part in the production process of water bottles. Shanghai Wangji Industry Co., Ltd pays the highest attention to quality control. We have more than 100 quality inspectors and check each procedure of manufacturing during bulk production. All the packed parcel will be put in the warehouse, we will casually pick 80-500pcs from 500-150000pcs finished products based on International inspection standard, then inspect measurement, product decoration, material testing, paint adhesion test, leak test and insulation checking.

From Manuscript To Finished Product

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